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Pumpkin seed products and services

CAT Agricultural Products, our only business is pumpkin seeds.
  • Buying and selling pumpkin seeds
  • Seed pumpkin seed varieties
  • Pumpkin beans of different sizes
  • Types of pumpkin seeds
  • Screening system (Fully equipped pumpkin seed screening system)
  • Pumpkin seed packaging in different weights

You can contact us immediately for your all kinds of pumpkin seeds from the contact section. For growers and those interested, we recommend reading our blog posts for pumpkin seed cultivation and any kind of information. Pumpkin seed benefits, varieties, production and more ... Information about pumpkin seed growing.

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pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds

Benefits of pumpkin seeds

date 02 - 2020    read 934 Benefits of pumpkin seeds

Although it is viewed as a dry nut, pumpkin seeds have health benefits. Pumpkin seeds, which you can find in the market, are an extremely healthy food. At the same time, not only inside the pumpkin seed, but also in the shell of the pumpkin seed, there are useful iron and calcium, so it is more useful to eat the pumpkin seed with the shell. Coming ...

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