Pumpkin seeds should be eaten raw or roasted

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Pumpkin seeds should be eaten raw or roasted
The question of whether to eat pumpkin seeds raw or roasted confuses them. According to research, it is more beneficial to consume pumpkin seeds raw. When the pumpkin seeds are roasted, they can turn into serious fatty groups, which creates a toxic effect that is harmful to the body. For this reason, pumpkin seeds should not be consumed raw in order not to turn into trans fats. At the same time, blood pressure patients and kidney patients should not be consumed too much since they are salted while roasted pumpkin seeds. At the same time, roasted pumpkin seeds are always appetizing, so eating raw pumpkin seeds will keep you fit. In addition, pumpkin seeds sold in the markets lose their properties due to the long-term storage of minerals. There are many benefits of unroasted pumpkin seeds. First, unroasted pumpkin seeds are cancer enemies. Rich in vitamin E, which provides the production of cancer-preventing cells, pumpkin seeds have an anti-cancer and therapeutic feature. But when you consume pumpkin seeds in a roasted form, the vitamins and minerals it contains are lost. In addition, unroasted raw pumpkin seeds are heart and vein friendly. Raw pumpkin seeds prevent diseases such as heart attack and congestion. Raw pumpkin seeds contain many vitamins and amino acids that ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system. In this way, it is also good for mental and nervous health. In addition, unroasted raw pumpkin seeds reduce the risk of diabetes. It contains very high fibers. In addition, pumpkin seeds contain healthy oils if consumed alone. Besides these benefits of pumpkin seeds, there is a very important point to remember. All these benefits we have mentioned above are valid if the pumpkin seeds are consumed raw. If we consume the pumpkin seeds in a roasted and processed form, all of these benefits that we have counted can be seen as harm. If we give an example of these damages; When we consume pumpkin seeds raw, there are many damages such as taking fats that are beneficial to our health, but when we eat roasted, introducing trans fats into our body. If you want to take advantage of all these benefits of pumpkin seeds, it will be better for you to consume it raw.

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