Pumpkin seeds price

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Pumpkin seeds price
Pumpkin growing takes an important place in our country. In addition, besides the use of pumpkins as food ingredients, the seeds of the pumpkin are consumed as nuts. Since pumpkin seeds have many benefits, pumpkins are grown for use as a nut as well as for eating. 38% of pumpkin farming is carried out in Kayseri in our country. Kayseri in Turkey outside the pumpkin seeds can be grown easily. Because pumpkin seeds rich climatic diversity found in our country are grown smoothly in Turkey. In addition to being consumed as a cookie, pumpkin seeds are also consumed with a kind of healing intent thanks to its benefits. Thanks to the mineral, oil, protein and amino acids it contains in people with problems such as blemishes, acne on their skin, these skin problems are eliminated or prevent them from developing in the future. It helps people who have worms or parasites in their intestines to get rid of these parasites. For this reason, pumpkin seeds are used in pharmacies and pharmaceutical products as well as dried nuts. If we come to the price of pumpkin seeds, the price of pumpkin seeds is a very affordable price, since there is an intensive production of pumpkin seeds in our country. But the price of pumpkin seeds varies according to their varieties. To give an example, 100 grams of courgette seeds are 6 TL. The famous sharp roasted pumpkin seeds of Edirne region is 8 TL. The pumpkin seeds of the White Nevşehir region are 10 TL. The double roasted pumpkin seeds of Nevşehir region is 10 TL. Pumpkin seeds of Nevşehir region without salt is 12 TL. The double roasted kernel of the Tuzsiz Ürgüp region is 8 TL. The price ranges we give above for pumpkin seeds are average prices and are not sold at the same price everywhere. As an example, all varieties of pumpkin seeds are sold at a cheaper price in Nevşehir and Central Anatolia region, while the price ranges are higher in other regions. Apart from these, the price of pumpkin seed oil is at a higher price. Approximately 100 ml of it is sold for 44 TL and this oil is said to be a kind of healing warehouse.

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Benefits of pumpkin seeds

date 02 - 2020    read 970 Benefits of pumpkin seeds

Although it is viewed as a dry nut, pumpkin seeds have health benefits. Pumpkin seeds, which you can find in the market, are an extremely healthy food. At the same time, not only inside the pumpkin seed, but also in the shell of the pumpkin seed, there are useful iron and calcium, so it is more useful to eat the pumpkin seed with the shell. Coming ...

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