Nutritional values of pumpkin seeds

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Nutritional values of pumpkin seeds
It is not known to everyone that pumpkin seeds are a complete healing warehouse. In addition to the benefit of this healing ware, pumpkin seeds, daily consumption of more than a handful causes weight. Pumpkin seed, which is a food that we cannot leave when we start eating once, is also good for many ailments. Ski kernel does not like much because it is easy to eat and useful. It is good for constipation, urinary tract, prostate cancer. In addition, this miraculous core also has a satiating feature. When we consume a small amount of pumpkin seeds, we can benefit from all these benefits mentioned above, but if they are consumed in large amounts, they have effects that will harm our body. Roasted consumption of pumpkin seeds does not have much benefit for the body, but consumption of pumpkin seeds raw. Raw pumpkin seeds contain a lot of fat and amino acids. When fat and amino acid mixture enters the body in large amounts, it causes excess weight, and this weight gain will be regional and unhealthy. Approximately 100 grams of pumpkin seeds contain 560 calories. This calorie amount is also a very high value. If a daily handful passes, it causes weight gain. If we talk about other nutritional values ​​of pumpkin seeds, 100 grams contain about 14.2 grams of carbohydrates. This carbohydrate rate is 4.7% when we hit daily value. Although the carbohydrate content in pumpkin seeds is not very high, it is an amount that can meet the carbohydrate ratio in the body. 8.8 grams of fiber per 100 grams of pumpkin seeds is 35.2% when hit daily value. It contains 24.4 grams of protein and is 48.8% in daily value. Apart from these, there are 45.6 oil, 28.0 IU vitamin A, 0.2 mg vitamin C, 814.0 mg potassium, 41.0 mg calcium, 12.5 mg iron in the pumpkin seeds. In addition, pumpkin seeds contain 0% cholesterol. It absorbs most of the calorie of pumpkin seeds from the 72% fat it contains.

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The benefit of pumpkin seeds to the intestines

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Pumpkin seeds are a dry dish that many of us enjoy. In other words, it is a health source that many of us do not know. First, pumpkin seeds are a serious lowering of the intestinal wolf. Consuming salt-free causes the tapeworm to spill very quickly and effectively. It is a mineral that is very good for kidney weakness in the pumpkin region. It exte ...

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