Benefits of pumpkin seeds for constipation

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Benefits of pumpkin seeds for constipation
The benefits of pumpkin seeds are known to everyone. However, one of the most important benefits is that it is good for constipation and nausea. There are important substances such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium and potassium in the pumpkin seeds. Because of the rich minerals in the pumpkin seeds, it is rich in pulp. In addition, carotenoids found in pumpkin seeds are good for bladder inflammation and urinary tract infection. Apart from these, there is a structure that increases the nutritional value of pumpkin seeds. It is alkaline, lowering cholesterol when consumed regularly because it contains 0 cholesterol. Patients with high cholesterol are recommended to consume pumpkin seeds. In addition, pumpkin seeds are anti-inflammatory. It is also known that pumpkin oil is good for infections on the skin or urinary tract, except that it is taken orally or consumed as a seed. In addition, research has revealed that the amino acid called L-Trypotophan, which is present in pumpkin seeds, is a natural "depression inhibitor". Apart from these, the indigenous Americans frequently benefit from the therapeutic and food value properties of pumpkin seeds. Contrary to what is known, pumpkin seeds are a food whose nutritional value increases as it stops. After 5 months, a significant increase in protein content was observed. Apart from these, pumpkin seeds can be made into ointments used to remove sunspots. When applied as an ointment around the eyes, it minimizes the signs of aging. It regulates the urinary tract of people who frequently urinate. Apart from these, we mentioned the benefits of constipation. We also know that pumpkin seeds strengthen your kidneys and prevent bladder inflammation due to kidney pathways. In the composition of many prostate drugs, pumpkin seeds are also present. In addition, it reduces hair loss in men by balancing hormones thanks to the zinc it contains. According to a study, it has been revealed that hair loss in people using pumpkin seed oil decreased by 40 percent for 24 weeks. In addition, eating the skin of the pumpkin seed can cause an indigestible buildup in the large intestine.

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